July 9, 2012: Duck season? Rabbit season? Convention season!

So, it’s that time of year again. I don’t yet have my specific schedules within the various conventions, but I thought, for those of you who care (all three of you), I’d go ahead and at least mention which cons I’ll be attending.

ArmadilloCon: July 27-29, here in Austin, TX. I’ll be appearing on multiple panels, though I don’t yet know which ones, and should also hopefully have a signing session. Abomination Vault will have just been released, so feel free to bring it by. 🙂

GenCon: August 16-19, Indianapolis, IN. This’ll be my first GenCon in three or four years, and also my first where I’m going almost solely as an attendee, not a guest. Still, I’ll be popping up in various booths and seminars here and there.

Now, normally I’d be going to Dragon*Con at the end of August, but not this year, because…

CopperCon: August 31-September 3, Phoenix, AZ. I’ve been invited to appear as Guest of Honor–the first GoH invite in my career thus far–so I wasn’t about to turn them down. 😉 I’ll be a part of quite a few programming events, and I should have a signing or two as well.

I’ll post more specific schedules as and when I have them. But whatever the case, I hope a lot of you guys’ll stop by and say hey.

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