August 6, 2009

Due to some last-minute finagling, I’ll be attending GenCon this year after all. Not only that, but it appears I’ve got a signing.

On Saturday, from 11:30 to 12:30, Laura Resnick (author of the Magic: the Gathering novel The Purifying Fire) has a signing scheduled in the TCG Hall. Although my name’s not on the schedule–that whole "last minute" thing–it looks I’ll likely be joining her there to make it a joint signing. While the focus is obviously on the Magic novels–her own, as well as Agents of Artifice–I can’t imagine they’d stop you if you wanted me to sign one of the other books I’ve worked on. (And if you wanted to pick up Agents of Artifice while you were there, just because, I wouldn’t exactly be offended.)

I’m also hoping to attend the 4E Extravaganza seminar on Friday at noon, though I’ll just be there as a guest, not part of the panel.

Hope to be seeing at least some of you there!

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