September 18, 2009

So, another Gencon has come and gone, another month (and change) has come and gone.

First, as was announced at GenCon, there’s a 4E mega-adventure named after the original Tomb of Horrors coming out next year, on which I did most of the plotting/design and a good chunk of the writing. More on that as it gets nearer.

Similarly, by now you’ve probably all heard that next year’s D&D setting is Dark Sun. Well, what you probably haven’t heard is that I’m doing some work on that as well. Again, details when I can.

The cover for The Conqueror’s Shadow is now up on various sites. Again, that’s due out in February of next year from Bantam.

Finally, if you’re in Austin, or are planning to fly in for the con, I’m going to be at the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour. I’ll be doing book signings for Agents of Artifice. Laura Resnick, author of The Purifying Fire, will be there as well. Not yet sure what my schedule looks like; more on that soon.

And that, I think, is everything I can discuss for the moment. Lots of things in the hopper that may pan out; wish me luck, and I’ll tell you as soon as anything solid happens.

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