Is this thing on?

So, it’s been approximately fifty-seven years since I’ve updated. I’m sorry about that. I’m in the midst of ArmadilloCon for the next few days, but after that, I hope to have time for some proper updates.

In the interim, if you’re at ArmadilloCon, you can catch me here:


1:00 — Sensitivity Readers: Censorship or Sensible? (Ballroom F)

Don’t be expecting a neutral mediator here. I have strong opinions on this topic, and strong opinions on those whose agendas have led to a sometimes deliberate misunderstanding of what this topic is.

2:00 — Signing (Dealers Room)

I don’t have any of my books here, but maybe the vendors might, and you’re welcome to bring your own. If nothing else, I have flyers; I could sign one of those for you.

5:00 — Combining Genres (Ballroom E)


11:00 am — The Vampire Renaissance (Ballroom E)

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