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Is this thing on?

So, it’s been approximately fifty-seven years since I’ve updated. I’m sorry about that. I’m in the midst of ArmadilloCon for the next few days, but after that, I hope to have time for some proper updates.

In the interim, if you’re at ArmadilloCon, you can catch me here:


1:00 — Sensitivity Readers: Censorship or Sensible? (Ballroom F)

Don’t be expecting a neutral mediator here. I have strong opinions on this topic, and strong opinions on those whose agendas have led to a sometimes deliberate misunderstanding of what this topic is.

2:00 — Signing (Dealers Room)

I don’t have any of my books here, but maybe the vendors might, and you’re welcome to bring your own. If nothing else, I have flyers; I could sign one of those for you.

5:00 — Combining Genres (Ballroom E)


11:00 am — The Vampire Renaissance (Ballroom E)

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ArmadilloCon approacheth!

Another ArmadilloCon is upon us, and once again, I shall be attending as a guest and panelist. But you should come anyway.  

I have no events officially scheduled on Friday, but I’m hoping to be there for the Meet the Pros party at 7:30 PM. Otherwise, my formal schedule is as follows:

Saturday, August 3rd:

12:00 Noon: Signing, Dealer’s Room. While I intend to bring a few books to sell, and I hope some of the book sellers may have more, your safest bet is to bring a copy of anything you want signed.

1:00 PM: Missing Men, Southpark A.

3:00 PM: Self-Care for Writers and Artists, Southpark A. (I intend to serve as a negative example.)

4:00 PM: Here Be Dragons, Ballroom F.

6:00 PM: Work for Hire, Ballroom E.

Sunday, August 4th:

11:00 AM: The Myth of the Apolitical Novel, Ballroom D. (Hopefully I’ll be awake for this one, as it may get lively.)

And as always, I’ll be wandering around between/after panels. Feel free to come say hi, and please forgive me if I have trouble placing your name and/or face, or if I’m basically a zombie.

Take a Look

Well, how ’bout that? I wasn’t familiar with the EZVid wiki, but they seem to have good taste in urban fantasy, if nothing else.  

9 Captivating Works of Urban Fantasy

In addition to Hot Lead, Cold Iron, they’ve got a number of other books listed that look really interesting. Take a gander, when you have a moment.

And thanks to the folks over there for the shout out!

Other than that, no news I can share, but I have a few things I’m working on and a few new projects where we just have to wait for the ink to dry. More soon! Hope you’re all having a good new year so far.

Iron Devils: Belated Book Release Post

Well. Um.

I announced it all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. I added it to the Upcoming/New Release widget, up there to the left. But I never actually posted about it on, y’know, the front page of my own web site.

*smacks head repeatedly into wall*So, under the age-old philosophy of better late than never… The Iron Devils is out!

Published by Omnium GatherumThe Iron Devils is a bit of a departure from my previous books, combining post-apocalyptic sci-fi with dark fantasy and supernatural horror. I’m really happy with this one–I think it’s one of my best books to date, if not the best–and I think you will be, too.

Plus, as an e-book, it’s really cheap.  

Take a look, if you would. I’d love to hear what you think.

In Truth and Claw Release Day

As of today, IN TRUTH AND CLAW, book 4 of the Mick Oberon series, is on shelves and e-shelves. (E-shelves are a thing, right?)

Or at least it is in US markets. Not sure about the others yet.

Fey things! Dead things! Undead things! Thought-were-dead-but-alive things! Ancient things! Demonic things!

And fruit.