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November 19, 2019: News, bigly

Okay, the dotted line is signed, so here we go.

Assemble Media–producers of the Kurt Russel movie “Bone Tomahawk” and, in conjunction with Margot Robbie, the forthcoming “Ameri-Scares” series, among others–have optioned “Trauma,” an original supernatural horror screenplay written by… Well, I assume that’s obvious at this point. 😀

Now, for those unfamiliar with “the biz,” as it’s known in the biz, an option doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be able to buy tickets to a finished product. It just means they’re going to attempt to attach a director and actors, and interest a studio enough to provide funding to make the movie. It may happen; it may not.

But the effort, at least, is underway.

More as and when it develops. 🙂

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