December 28, 2010: Releases, contests, and art!

Today’s the day, folks. The Conqueror’s Shadow, released this past February in hardcover, is now available in the US and related markets in a mass market paperback edition! (That’s the "standard" paperback format you see pretty much everywhere, for those who aren’t familiar with the terminology.) If you’ve been waiting for the cheaper edition to give the book a look-see, now’s your chance.

And hey, you’ll have a whole month to read it before The Warlord’s Legacy hits shelves in January. 😉

In celebration of this release, I present to you the following:

First, a brand new contest, where you can win more free books! Click here for details.

Second, a brand new piece of artwork, illustrated by the esteemed Claudio Pozas. Claudio’s done a great deal of work–mostly illustrating, but a bit of writing as well–for a number of role-playing game companies, and he wanted to take a crack at his own interpretation of Corvis Rebaine, the Terror of the East. So here it is; enjoy. 😀


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