January 31, 2011: New sale!

Well, well. What have we here? Why, it appears to be a short story sale! 😎

Specifically, I’ve sold a story called "The Purloined Ledger" (Poe reference fully intended, of course) to an anthology of urban fantasy and similar fiction set in the roaring 20s. Said anthology–release date and formal title to be announced–will be published through Absolute XPress, an award-winning Canadian press.

This is an especially big deal for me, because "The Purloined Ledger" stars a character about whom I intend to write a great deal more in the future. (And in fact, who is the protagonist of a novel my agent is currently submitting around.) So the knowledge that he’s going to appear in public for the first time is particularly gratifying. 😀

Special thanks to Jaym and Erika for accepting the story.

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