September 18, 2013: Done but Not Finished

We made it. Thanks to a whole mess of generous backers, Strange New Words will become a reality. 😀 I’m very, very grateful, and I hope to make this a product more than worth everyone’s efforts.


We’re not finished! There’s a week left to go, and I’m planning to work extra hard to see if we can’t make some of our stretch goals. And trust me, you want us to make those stretch goals. More art for the book, an entire additional novelette-length piece of fiction… These and more are just a short ways away.

You’ve already done so much for the project, and for me. If you can help just a tad more, by spreading the word, we can make this book even better than promised.

My deepest appreciation to all of you. I very literally wouldn’t be where I am without you.

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