February 2, 2015: The Alpha and Omega of Widdershins

All righty, folks. One more day–one–until Covenant’s End hits shelves and e-readers everywhere. Now that the fourth and (at least for now) final book of the series, now’s a great chance to pick up the very first one, if you haven’t already.

For the month of February, Thief’s Covenant is available for only $3.99 on Kindle!"" That’s, like, a whole lotta dollars off. Seriously, go. Get it. You’ve never had less of an excuse not to.  😉

Oh, and just a quick reminder, for those who missed it, that I’m now offering a low-cost critiquing/editing service. Check it out, see you might find it useful.

Thanks much, everyone. See you tomorrow for the CE release!

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