March 14, 2020: Free Stuff to Pass the Time

Well. It’s been about seventy-three years since my last update. Apologies for that. I’ll have some genuine news soon, including info about a really cool tie-in novel.

But at the moment, I’m posting about something else.

A lot of us are going to be stuck at home for a while, due to the spread of, and precautions surrounding, COVID-19. I can’t do anything to help with people’s health or finances, but maybe I can help avert boredom or cabin fever a little bit.

I’ve decided, for a time, to make my short fiction collection, Strange New Words, available for free. You can download a copy, in one of several electronic formats, by clicking here.

Furthermore, if you’re actually sick, or under full quarantine for health reasons–because you have other conditions that make you particularly susceptible, for instance, or because someone you’re close to has tested positive–send me an e-mail via the contact me page, and I’ll offer you an e-copy of one of my novels, also free. Now, be aware that I do not have e-copies of all my books available, so there are some I can’t offer. I’ll let you know which ones I have, though, and you can choose one from that list.

(Obviously, I have no way of confirming that you’re genuinely sick or otherwise stuck at home. I’m trusting you.)

Again, I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps a little bit. Keep busy and stay safe, folks.

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