Jul 312013

Hey, folks. Space City Con is this weekend, in Houston. I shall be there. Some of you shall be there. There should probably be some together being there.

So, my (tentative, subject to change) schedule is as follows:

Friday, 3:00 PM–A panel on well, me and my work. o.O I imagine a good chunk of this will be Q&A, and damn near anything goes, so stop by! (I may or may not also give away a signed book or two.) Panel Room 6/Briarpark 3

Friday, 5:0o PM–Signing, at the Murder by the Book booth

Friday, 7:00 PM–Panel on game writing and moving into fiction, with (tentatively) Rob Schwalb, Bruce Cordell, Torah Cottrill, Miranda Horner, and me. Panel Room 2/Ballroom G

Saturday, 4:30 PM–Signing, at the Murder by the Book booth

Sunday, 2:oo PM–Signing, at the Murder by the Book booth

Plus a few events that I might decide to crash. ;-)

Hope to see some of you there.

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Jul 222013

I realized I haven’t made a point of this yet…

I have formal signings at Space City Con (Houston) and Gen Con (Indianapolis) next month. I know at least some of my books will be available at both cons, but I can’t swear to which ones or how much. If you’re going to be at either, feel free to bring any of my books you already have, and I’ll be happy to sign; you don’t have to have purchased them at the con. :-)

Specific schedules when I know them.

I will also be attending WorldCon, which is at LoneStarCon (San Antonio) this year, but I’m just going as an attendee, not a guest, so I have no signings or panels. (I also may only be going for a couple of days of the con; we’ll see what shape I’m in after the first two.)

Hope to see you guys at one of ‘em.

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May 312013

I’ve neglected to make a fuss over this, as I’ve been battling the All-Mighty Deadline on the latest Widdershins book, but I should point out that In Thunder Forged, first printed tie-in novel to the Warmachine and Iron Kingdoms properties, is coming out next week! It’s already available for preorder at all the usual places.

I have, as always, made every effort to ensure that even people not familiar with the property can enjoy the book and not feel like they’re lost on anything of importance.

Hope you guys’ll give it a look, and enjoy what you see.

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Apr 232013

Holy crap. Apparently I got scooped. Even I didn’t know this info was public, or this picture existed. o.O

(Semi-spoiler for the epilogue of False Covenant in the synopsis, FYI.)

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Apr 122013

Had a funky night with little sleep, napped away much of the afternoon… And woke up to this:

2013 Scribe Award nominees.

Um… Wow. There are some really good books and writers on that list. I’m kind of humbled to be up there with them.

Good luck to every one of the other nominees. I hope you all come in a really close second. ;-)

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Mar 262013

Hey, folks. Sorry about the long-time radio silence here. Been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes–and personally–that haven’t made for good communication. Hopefully that’s past and things will start picking up.

In the interim… Thursday the 28th, 7:30 PM, at the new Dragon’s Lair location here in Austin: Indie Creator Night! A whole metric crapload (that’s 2.2 English craploads) of authors and creators will be there. The list includes me, but you should come anyway.

I believe they’ll have many of my books there (fiction and gaming), but I can’t vouch for which ones. If you want anything signed that you already own, please feel free to bring it. Or just swing by and say hello. :-)

Hope to see you there.

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Dec 032012

I’ve been hinting for a while that I’ve had a couple of big announcements to make. The first, obviously, was last week’s announcement of a new series.

Here’s the second. :-D

Amherst, New York—Pyr®, an imprint of Prometheus Books, and Privateer Press®, the second-largest miniature games manufacturer in the world, have partnered to publish the first novels based upon the award-winning WARMACHINE® steam-powered fantasy wargame and the world of the Iron Kingdoms™ Role Playing Game.

The Iron Kingdoms™ world takes classic fantasy concepts and gives them a new twist with a high-octane rush of steam power and industrial engineering. These tie-in novels will be action-packed, steam-tech, military fantasies that combine elements of epic wartime adventure with thrilling cloak-and-dagger espionage.

The first—IN THUNDER FORGED: THE IRON KINGDOMS CHRONICLES (The Fall of Llael Book One)—will be published in June 2013 in paperback and ebook editions. Author Ari Marmell has authored RPG materials for games such as Dungeons & Dragons® and the World of Darkness® line. He is also the author of the novel The Goblin Corps, as well as Thief’s Covenant and False Covenant in the Widdershins Adventures series for Young Adult readers.

(Follow the link above for the remainder of the press release.)

And here’s the blurb for the novel itself.

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Nov 282012

1932, and it’s business as usual in the Windy City. Yeah, the economy’s so low it’s looking up at Hell; Capone’s gone up the river; and anyone who knows anything says Prohibition ain’t long for this world. And still the Mob’s big and bad as ever, still got their fingers in every last one of Chicago’s nooks and crannies. You wanna get by in this city? You keep your head down and your trap shut, and you don’t make waves.

Especially when you got the kinda secrets I do.

So yeah, I give the trouble boys a wide berth. I sure as hell don’t ever work for them!

Except when I do. Except when some made guy’s moll tells me her daughter’s been missing for sixteen years, and they’ve been raising a good old-fashioned changeling in her place. Then, my better instincts aside, I start getting interested.

Me? I’m a P.I. Of course I am. Ain’t all these stories about a P.I? But I’m not your typical P.I.

The name’s Mick Oberon, or at least it is now. Yeah, like in that Oberon; third cousin on my mother’s side. I’m here in Chicago mostly because I’m in exile from the Seelie Court.

And like most of you have probably already figured, I’m not human.


Uncover the occult mysteries and deepest secrets of gangland Chicago, from the underworld to the Otherworld.  Hot Lead, Cold Iron, by Ari Marmell, coming spring 2014 from Titan Books.

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Nov 282012

So, the Next Big Thing… This is a sequence of questions going around the author community. Participants answer, and then tag five more authors to participate.

So, here we go.

1) What is the working title of your next book?

Depends. If we’re talking about the next book I’m writing, the only working title is “Widdershins book 3.” It follows Thief’s Covenant and False Covenant, so it’ll probably have “Covenant” in the title.

If we’re talking about the one that’s most likely to be published next, the title is In Thunder Forged. It’s a tie-in novel for a property that I can’t reveal yet.

2) Where did the idea come from for the book?

The third Widdershins book simply followed from the earlier two. I knew that I wanted to write a story of the character outside of her home city, but other than that very broad concept, it’s just where the story took me.

In the case of the other, it comes from the details of the property, and a specific time period in its history that we were asked to address.

3) What genre does your book fall under?

Both are fantasy. The Widdershins book is also YA.

4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

That’s a really tricky question. Anyone I think of for Widdershins is either too young, too old, or just doesn’t quite fit. Maybe Chloë Grace Moretz? Willa Holland, if she doesn’t mind playing a little young? I’m actually not sure. (I swear I had someone in mind, but I can’t think of who it was.)

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

“Widdershins learns that, no matter how far she’s run from home, neither she nor those she cares about have escaped the magic and murder that have haunted her all her life.”

6) Will your book be self-published or traditionally published?

Traditionally. The Widdershins novels are published by Pyr Books, and the tie-in property I mentioned will be published by [Censored].

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

Well, the Widdershins book is just getting started. The other one was, due to deadlines, one of the fastest books I’ve ever written. Took about two months.

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Hmm… There are some similarities between the Widdershins books and Steven Brust’s “Vlad Taltos” series, though Brust’s aren’t YA.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The first Widdershins book, Thief’s Covenant, was purely a labor of love; the idea and character came to me, and that was that. The others developed as the writing progressed.

10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

Well, leaving aside those who have already been reading the series and enjoy the characters… Beyond the initial concept of a young thief with a god living in her head, I very much hope that the combination of humor and horror, along with the world-building and religion, would be enough to draw people’s interest.

Tagged for next Wednesday (the 5th):

Erin Evans

Darrin Drader

James Wymore

Andrew Mayer

[Fifth to come?]

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Nov 192012

So, a little while ago, I heard about a project being put together by fellow author R. T. Kaelin. Called Triumph Over Tragedy, it’s an anthology intended to benefit the areas and people hit by Hurricane Sandy, and all proceeds go toward the Red Cross relief efforts. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute a story of my own, and to see how many other authors responded as well. We need your help, though. If you’re willing to contribute, please visit the project’s page over at IndieGoGo, and maybe chip in a few bucks to help us help others.

Even if you can’t, just spreading the link around would be of great help.

Thanks, everyone.

PS: The Civilian Reader blog has an entry about the project, in which several participating authors discuss their own contributions. You can find that here. I, of course, being the chatterbox that I am, wrote a much longer response than they expected, so it’s up as a separate post. That’s here. But if you’re just going to click on one link, please choose the project page, above.

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