Nov 012012

Happy November. (How is it that this year has dragged on forever, and yet I can’t believe it’s November already?!) I know I haven’t updated in a while. Got more than a few things looming, but I’m not allowed to talk about any of them yet. Really soon, I hope…

What I can say is that issue #5 of Shock Totem is, after some unfortunate delays, available for purchase. A magazine of the horrific and the weird, Shock Totem worth getting in and of itself. In this case, however, I do also have a short story appearing in those pages. “In Deepest Silence” is, at the same time, both a bit of a departure for me, and yet entirely my style. You’ll know what I mean when you read it. I’m quite proud of how it came out; I hope you enjoy it.

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Sep 122012

Hey, guys. The folks at SF Signal were desperatekind enough to invite me on their program. We talk about Darksiders, the Widdershins series, lots of other stuff–and, just maybe, offer a few tiny hints of what’s coming. 8-)

You can check out the podcast here.

And now for our semi-regular tease: A few really big announcements coming in the not too distant future. I suggest checking back here obsessively, at least every day if not more, until it happens. ;-)

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Aug 262012

So, CopperCon’s coming up next week. (So is DragonCon, and WorldCon, and a couple of others. But due to an appalling lack of either cloning or transporter technology, I can’t attend all of them. Stupid future.) I’m the Guest of Honor at this year’s CopperCon–and it is, indeed, an honor, as it’s my first GoH invite–so I’m hoping to meet at least a few of you there.

My tentative schedule, if you’ll be attending (or just in the area), looks like this:

Opening Ceremonies, Friday, August 31st, 7:00 PM

Meet the Guest, Saturday, September 1st, 12:00 PM

Panel: Magic Creatures and Imaginary Lands, Saturday, September 1st, 2:00 PM, with Rick Cook and Veronica Baxter

Panel: Sending the Wrong Message, Saturday, September 1st, 9:00 PM, with Janeen O’Kerry and Jordan Summers

Signing, Sunday, September 2nd, 12:00 PM

Panel: How Publishing Will Change, Sunday, September 2nd, 6:00 PM, with Jeffrey Mariotte and Jordan Summers

Panel: Urban Fantasy, Sunday, September 2nd, 8:00 PM, with Jordan Summers

Panel: Writing in a Tabletop Universe, Monday, September 3rd, 12:00 PM, with Jeffrey Mariotte and Ken St Andre


Again, that’s a tentative schedule, subject to a bit of tweaking here and there. (I’m hoping to drop in on a few of the other panels, and if not officially participate, then at least make a nuisance of myself from the peanut gallery.) ;-)

I believe that some of my novels should be available from dealers in the vendors’ room at the con, but I can’t swear to which ones. I’m also happy to sign anything you bring with you. Well, assuming I worked on it.

Or it’s cool.

See you there!

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Jul 242012

So, as of today, Darksiders: the Abomination Vault is out, available, on shelves, and so forth.

Do you have it yet? Why not? You really should, before it’s too late. Death can be patient, but War gets really violent when he’s frustrated…

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Jul 092012

So, it’s that time of year again. I don’t yet have my specific schedules within the various conventions, but I thought, for those of you who care (all three of you), I’d go ahead and at least mention which cons I’ll be attending.

ArmadilloCon: July 27-29, here in Austin, TX. I’ll be appearing on multiple panels, though I don’t yet know which ones, and should also hopefully have a signing session. Abomination Vault will have just been released, so feel free to bring it by. :-)

GenCon: August 16-19, Indianapolis, IN. This’ll be my first GenCon in three or four years, and also my first where I’m going almost solely as an attendee, not a guest. Still, I’ll be popping up in various booths and seminars here and there.

Now, normally I’d be going to Dragon*Con at the end of August, but not this year, because…

CopperCon: August 31-September 3, Phoenix, AZ. I’ve been invited to appear as Guest of Honor–the first GoH invite in my career thus far–so I wasn’t about to turn them down. ;-) I’ll be a part of quite a few programming events, and I should have a signing or two as well.

I’ll post more specific schedules as and when I have them. But whatever the case, I hope a lot of you guys’ll stop by and say hey.

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Jun 072012

So, since the release of False Covenant a couple of weeks ago–actually, even before that, due to advance review copies–I’ve had people asking me if there will be any more Widdershins novels.

Well, since it’s now been announced on the web site of JABberwocky Literary Agency (albeit tucked away in a corner), I figure I can go ahead and answer that question.

I am, in fact, doing two more Widdershins novels for Pyr Books. :-D

I can’t offer much in the way of details yet–not even things as basic as, oh, say, book titles or release dates–but I wanted you guys to know they were coming. I’m really glad this series, and this character, has resonated with so many of you, and I hope you’ll all enjoy where things go from here.

(Well, all of you but Widdershins herself. Frankly, I think the poor girl’s got a lot of tough times ahead.)

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Jun 052012

Been waiting for the Kindle version of False Covenant? Wait no more! It’s out, and it’s available right here.

It doesn’t seem to be out for the Nook yet, but I promise you, that’s coming, too. Expect another announcement as soon as it appears.

Also? A number of you have been wondering whether you’ll be seeing anything more of Widdershins. Expect some news in the near future. :mrgreen:

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May 222012

Yep. As is often the case with my books from Pyr, False Covenant appears to have become available earlier than anticipated. I don’t know if it’s actually on shelves, but it’s now available as an order (as opposed to pre-order) from sites like Amazon. :-D

I’m really happy with how this one came out, and I hope you guys like it half as much as I think you will.

It’s not up yet in e-book format, but I can assure you that it will be in the near future. More on that as soon as I know something.

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May 222012

There’s this: Upcoming Marvel Universe MMO, free to play.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, in addition to just being cool, it also represents my first foray into computer game dialogue writing. :-D

Yep. Thanks to Andy Collins at Gazillion Studios, I was one of the team selected to provide some of the dialogue for many of the characters.

I can’t go into too much detail, since I can only talk about characters that have been publicly revealed as appearing in the game. But I can say that I did a portion of the dialogue for the Black Widow, and the majority of the non-mission-specific dialogue for…

Well, any of you who know me know there’s one major Marvel character with whom I share a certain affinity for being a wise-ass, and Andy was kind enough to let me tackle him. Yep, just your friendly neighborhood Someone-or-Other. :-D

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May 222012

Hey, guys. Just a quick reminder… Tomorrow. 6:00 pm. Dragon’s Lair, Austin location. Keith Baker and me, together again for the first time (or however that goes).

Be there or, uh, be elsewhere. But there would be better. Really.

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