February 27, 2012: Time for the Future

So, the Foreshadows: Ghosts of Zero anthology–which includes "Twenty-One-Oh," my own short story, as well as tales by a huge number of truly talented writers–is finally available. This project is not just a book, but also a CD of original music, each piece having inspired, or at least thematically linked, with one of the stories. Take a gander; it’s worth the look.

Also, because I’ve been asked recently, I want to say something about both Darksiders: the Abomination Vault and Agents of Artifice. In both cases, I tried very hard to make the books accessible to newcomers, so you shouldn’t need to be familiar with the properties (either Darksiders or Magic: the Gathering) to read the books. There will be a few details/references that you won’t get–no way to eliminate that factor entirely and still be faithful to the setting–but it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the novel as a whole.

And finally, you have two more days–until midnight on Wednesday–to enter the Crossing the Streams multi-author, multi-book contest. If you haven’t yet, you really should. Really. Go do that. Now, even.

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