November 19, 2012: Triumph Over Tragedy

So, a little while ago, I heard about a project being put together by fellow author R. T. Kaelin. Called Triumph Over Tragedy, it’s an anthology intended to benefit the areas and people hit by Hurricane Sandy, and all proceeds go toward the Red Cross relief efforts. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute a story of my own, and to see how many other authors responded as well. We need your help, though. If you’re willing to contribute, please visit the project’s page over at IndieGoGo, and maybe chip in a few bucks to help us help others.

Even if you can’t, just spreading the link around would be of great help.

Thanks, everyone.

PS: The Civilian Reader blog has an entry about the project, in which several participating authors discuss their own contributions. You can find that here. I, of course, being the chatterbox that I am, wrote a much longer response than they expected, so it’s up as a separate post. That’s here. But if you’re just going to click on one link, please choose the project page, above.

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